1996 Herreshoff 33′

Marion, MA

Vessel Details
Seller: JackM
Location: Marion, MA
Year: 1996
Make: Buzzards Bay
Model: Buzzards Bay 25
LOA: 33'9
Beam: 8'9
Draft: 8'9
Co-Brokerage: Yes
Preview: Through Nov. 9th
Haul Out: Nov. 6th-7th
Sea Trial: Nov. 8th
Auction Begins: November 09, 2018
Auction Ends: November 16, 2018
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Bidding opens November 9th, at $65,000.

Bidder due diligence period currently ongoing. Contact listing broker to make arrangements.

The 33′ “Buzzards Bay 25” is one of the most admired designs of all time. This classic design represents the genius and artistry of Captain Nathaniel G. Herreshoff.  Whether you are familiar with “Cap’n Nat” or not, the Herreshoff name truly exemplifies and frames American Yacht design, building, and innovation.


Captain Nat, known in early yacht racing circles as “The Wizard of Bristol”, set the bar for what sail-craft designs could be. Nathaniel, and his older brother John B, founded the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company in 1878. Among the many accomplishments to their credit was the design and build of every Americas Cup winning yacht from 1893-1934. These yachts who defended the “Auld Mug” truly defined the limits of engineering, materials, technology and the multi-disciplinary art of design. For a full catalogue of than 2,200 designs, we encourage you to investigate and enjoy their workings at the Herreshoff Registry.


Boathouse Auctions is honored to offer this Buzzards Bay 25 “Eclipse” for auction as we feel it is a rare opportunity to bring this level of quality and pedigree at such an attractive price. “Eclipse” was built at the Damian McLaughlin Corporation of Cape Cod and features Cold Molded construction that was dynamically pioneered by the Gougeon Brothers of West Systems epoxies. Cold Molded construction is a sound building process that allows several layers of wood veneer to be laid over a “mold” with epoxy saturating between each layer of veneer. Not only does cold molding offer custom one-off builds and the ability to produce a strong and lightweight construction, but also one that is truly fare and simplifies maintenance nearly parallel that of fiberglass. Cold Molding was widely popular in the 70’s and 80’s during the IOR (International Offshore Rule) days as racing boats experienced a constant evolution and, as such, production of a single design for many builders was not justified. The Cold Molded process is a hybrid of shipwright craftmanship and the technology of contemporary epoxies. It allows for complex shapes to be produced in alternating layers of veneer that results in an extremely strong hull.


The Buzzards Bay 25 benefits from a fine disposition and allows sailors to experience the illusion of going thru the water rather than bobbing along top as experienced in more modern designs. Sitting to leeward with the rail down in a moderate breeze, removes one from the pace of the modern world and will sure to immerse the skipper in a sensory state.

Her moderate to short overhangs and hollow bow will keep her dry in short choppy waters as well as lengthen her waterline for a spirited sail that will delight and likely surprise. Besides her robust construction, “Eclipse” gives a nod to other “modern” technology with the use of a Marconi rig that is unarguably handy and simple to sail. The original five of these yachts were built with a gaff rig, which for the purist is a fantastic power to challenge, but with running back stays and additional peak and throat adjustment, it can intimidate as well as complicate the afternoon short sail up your favorite bay or inlet. Additionally, the Yanmar 2GM20F is another modern blessing.



Yes, “Eclipse” is a yacht, right and proper, and she is meant to inspire. She will garner attention in any setting and will undoubtedly foster a sense of real pride as you sail her, for sure she will truly be the prettiest boat in the harbor.

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