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  • 50' (15.2m)
  • Maverick Yachts
  • 2022
  • North Palm Beach, FL
Bidding Ended February 26, 2024


Amenities & Features

  • 55,000-man hours to construct allowed for very detailed and quality-oriented, industry-leading, construction
  • The solid mahogany hull with zero surface fasteners is highly unique and is the only one in the world  
  • Volvo IPS with Sport Mode and joy stick control make this one of the easiest handling boats around.  
  • Wide beam design by Erwin Gerards combines performance and comfort, 35 knot cruise to Bimini in under 2 hours.
  •   Legendary Maverick build quality assures many, many years of service.  The first boat built by Maverick is still in service after 22 years with over 50,000 hours at sea, and still chartering nearly every day.
  •   State of the art finishes give the look of varnish with the ease of hi-tech clear coat finishes on solid wood, should last 4 times as long as the best varnish in your environment, and it’s easy to refresh.

Contact Information

Jeremy Floden C. Nicklaus Starling 850.543.2484

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