Online Yacht Auctions

Sell your yacht in five weeks

Our online Yacht Auction platform connects sellers with pre-qualified buyers making selling your yacht easier and faster than ever.

Often, selling a yacht just takes too long – until now

Traditionally, selling a yacht is often at the mercy of factors largely caused by market inefficiencies. Boathouse Auctions has a different approach to yacht sales which addresses limitations through improved process and technology. With a highly proactive adverting and marketing approach, prospective buyers are presented with excellent buying opportunities with which they compete with other interested parties from around the world.

Save Time

Time is the enemy of the seller. We market your yacht so qualified buyers are provided access to recent surveys and other necessary documentation as they have a short window to compete for each vessel. This unique approach provides momentum which yields the highest possible net return in five weeks or less.

Increase Return

When it comes to selling a yacht, days on market are too often measured in years. By eliminating the drag of carrying costs and depreciation, Boathouse Auctions provides owners the opportunity to sell quickly, allowing the alternative uses of capital far sooner and on their chosen timeline.

Stay in Control

Designed with sellers in mind, Boathouse Auctions provides an alternative. Our transparent and turnkey approach facilitates time-sensitive yacht auctions that limit risk and maximize return, putting control back in your hands while the role of the broker remains entirely intact. Brokers' responsibility.

Your auction, your terms

Boathouse Auctions’ accelerated sales approach places sellers back in control of their listings. Sellers and listing brokers decide on the date they want the yacht sold as well as the associated terms.

Sellers are provided with metrics leading up to the auction date, including opening bids and offers, often giving sellers the option to sell prior to the start of the auction.

Interviews with Molokai Strait 75’ owner, Ed Lipkin, captain Sarah Lowell, and Wheelhouse Technologies' Craig Parkhurst.

Yacht Marketing

Your yacht, actively marketed to prequalified buyers

Boathouse Auctions collaborates with listing brokers to establish a unique strategy for each individual yacht. Our marketing team actively promotes each auction to prequalified buyers across the country, or the globe when appropriate. Our media relations extend throughout the yachting industry, including major yachting publications, newsletters, and social media.

Boathouse Auctions shares marketing analytics so sellers know what to expect ahead of auction day.

Photo by Billy Black

Yacht Brokers

The role of yacht brokers

Brokers’ responsibilities remain unchanged. Literally. Brokers continue to address questions, perform showings, attend sea trials, and manage the closing and financial transactions. Our approach is turnkey and quick, allowing brokers to provide prospective bidders documentation such as surveys prior to the auction. By doing so, this considerably reduces friction in the sales process by having all buyers determine a vessel’s worth based equal and identical information.

Photo by Billy Black

Sell your yacht

Do you have a vessel or listing that seems to be priced about right but just isn’t selling? Have you had multiple people interested – yet there is a lack of urgency? With Boathouse Auctions, our time-certain approach accelerates the process while eliminating costs to provide an optimal net return. Sell your yacht on your terms and timeline in five weeks or less.

Don't just take our word for it

We had our nicely maintained 70e Ocean Alexander 2017 listed for almost a year with limited interest and still no offers after a boat show. Once Boathouse Auctions was engaged, we had immediate interest from many qualified buyers throughout the US. As a multiple yacht owner, I was extremely pleased to see the yacht sold on a defined timeline, thereby eliminating carrying costs, at a price I was satisfied to receive.

Jeff E., Seller 70e Ocean Alexander 2017

As a seller, the lack of a pending event plus the extended due diligence a buyer requires creates a buyer-advantaged process. Boathouse Auctions has successfully and politely modified the approach to bring this archaic process into the 21st century. I am thrilled with the result.

Ed L., Seller 75' Molokai Strait 2006

My decision to bring Boathouse Auctions into the traditional yacht marketing program was a great one. In less than 5 weeks, we had over 35 prospects, multiple bidders, and a deadline that created a sense of urgency that helped us quickly close the sale of our yacht at a price we were very pleased with.

Jeff N., Seller 44' Little Harbor Whisperjet 1999

Pacific Provider was on the market for quite some time. We recently reduced the price significantly but still this generated little solid interest. Engaging Boathouse Auctions was a key strategic decision. It shifted leverage from the buyers to the seller as it created a deadline and a sense of urgency. We received multiple pre-auction offers and sold Pacific Provider prior to the auction.

Tom H., Seller 157' Blount Marine 1978

As the carrying costs of larger yachts can be significant, days on market are costly. By offering Altitude Adjustment II through Boathouse Auctions, the finite timeline of the auction process serves as a motivation to prospective buyers and as an asset to owners in terms of time and cost savings.

Craig M., Seller 106' Broward 2006

I praise Boathouse Auctions for leading me to the successful close of the boat I’d never before considered.

Rick G., buyer 58' Vicem 2004